Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why the PlayStation 3 is better than the X-Box 360

This is a persuasive argument that I wrote at the beginning of '08 in order to aggravate my mates who were/are proud owners of an xbox 360. I am not a fanboy. I love both systems. Sure I own a PS3, but if I had more money I would go out this minute and purchase a 360 without any reservations. This is more of a prank than anything serious. I am not trying to change your opinion about anything at all. Please read this with that in mind. And I am aware that it is full of all kinds of errors, be it spelling, grammatical or structural in nature. Hope you enjoy.


To begin with the “Sony PlayStation” has been a house hold name in Australia since 1995, with the introduction of the revolutionary “PlayStation 1”. It brought the gaming world into the next generation with the implementation of CDs. This was then followed by the highly successful “PlayStation 2” in 2000, which brought DVDs into the gaming world. Both of these listed systems had a life of between 8 and 10 years. The “PlayStation 2” is still matching the sales of that of the X-Box 360 and Ps3 due to Sony’s visualization and planning skills. The knowledge and experience gathered from these two systems culminated with the creation of the “PlayStation 3” (PS3). The PS3 came out approximately 12 months after the X-box 360 and was released mid-year, which would not provide large sales as it is not near any public holiday. Despite these two facts, The PS3 has dramatically closed the gap in the number of units sold by both companies.

There are a multitude of reasons why the PS3 is superior to its competitors, and the first of which is the Hard drive of the system. Every single ps3 that is sold worldwide has a hard drive, where as only a limited number of 360 models have the hard drive. The ps3 is the only system that utilizes said hard drive by enforcing a mandatory install of a majority of games. This install allows for a much smoother gaming experience with less tearing and loading times. After all isn’t providing the best gaming experience, what these consoles should be striving towards?

Another aspect of superiority is the technology behind the console. The 360 is still using the same technology as the PS2, in that it still uses DVDs for its games, which have a maximum of approximately 8GB. However on the other hand the PS3 is using Sony’s patented “Blu-Ray Technology”. Each single layer blu-ray can hold 25GB. This truly next generation technology can go up to 200GB. This vastly larger capacity allows for a game with crisper, clearer graphics, immersive, intense sound quality, and a generally larger game. The PS3 exclusives such as Heavenly Sword and Metal Gear solid 4 could not even be fathomed with the inferior lackluster space of the DVD used by this supposed next generation console known as the 360.

There are also a few overlooked aspects of the PS3 that just sweeten the deal. For example the easy connectivity. The 360 has specialized plugs and cords that only allow Microsoft products to be used on the console. These products are overpriced and are only available from selected outlets. Whereas the ps3 uses generic and highly accessible usb ports. This allows for a wide range of products to be purchased from a wide variety of companies and retailers. Thus making it easier to fully utilize your console. Another benefit is the fact that the controller is so familiar. The basic design has not been altered since it was first introduced with the “PlayStation 1”. This makes it much easier to get into the game as the adaptation period has been removed.

Perhaps the most predominant factor that will prove once and for all that the Ps3 is the greater console, is the exclusive games line up. This argument is about which game console is better, so surely the game lineup should determine the victor. The most awaited game for the 360 is Gears of War 2, and this game is destined to sell millions of copies, but then what? The 360 has no more AAA games in its future. The Halo trilogy has ended and the license for Gears of War is no longer a Microsoft exclusive. This is overshadowed by the magnitude of the games in the future of the PS3. God of War 3, Killzone 2, InFamous, Heavy Rain, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet; these are all highly anticipated games that will undoubtedly move units. If the quality of a gaming console is not judged on the games it has, than what should it be judged on?

One thing that the Xbox has done that has surpassed the Ps3 is the online capabilities. However this comparison of online services is unfair, as the 360 has been around for 12 months longer than the ps3. In this time they have worked out all the bugs and have had longer to improve the system in accordance to what their clientele require. A fair comparison would be comparing how the 360 is at this very moment, to how the PS3 is in one year’s time. If this rectified comparison is conducted the PS3 will definitely come out victorious. This is due to the totally revolutionary exclusive online service that is PlayStation HOME. This new service is due to be released later on this year. HOME provides every service that X-Box LIVE does, but it surpasses it in every way. The basis of HOME is that you create an avatar which is basically a simulated version of yourself and you venture out into a virtual world. In this world you can talk to anyone you meet, ask what games they have and then start a game with them then and there. This new service allows for a greater sense of being a part of a large gaming community and can only improve the already quality services provided by The PlayStation Network. And the best part of this is that it is all free, as opposed to the $70 per year that Microsoft charges its gamers.

Summing up, the Sony PlayStation 3 can only be viewed in the light that it is the best option for gaming on the market. It is the only true next generation console on the market with the use of the hard drive install and the current and potential possibilities of the Blu-ray technology. It has a game line up that surpasses the X-Box in both quality and quantity, it makes gaming easier and it is familiar to gamers of all ages. All of this plus the fact that a comparison of systems as one has had more time to grow and mould to societies wants and needs as gamers now is extremely unfair and bias, reflects once and for all that the Ps3 is better than the X-Box 360.

Have fun and keep gaming.


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