Thursday, January 8, 2009


I started sharing my views with the world with the creation of my youtube account (orpw12), and that has now grown above and beyond anything that I could have hoped for. I now wish to share some other aspects of my life, that would not suit the style of show that I am currently presenting. My youtube channel is mainly about all things gaming and I want to show people that gaming is only a small part of my life. Sure, you will find some gaming related posts on here, but there will also be many other entries including events from my life, short stories and world events that I want to give my opinion on.

So, that was only supposed to be a one line introduction. Sorry. I have always thought hat I was very talented at talking at length about nothing at all. That is what got me through school. I never studied. My PS3 was my learning tool rather than textbooks, and I finished up with good marks. My final message would be to drop out of school to play video games. Wait, what was I talking about?

Thanks for reading this dribble (I assure you the posts will become epic) and as I always end my show, have fun and keep gaming.

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